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Human Resources

Human Resources

Employee Profile

As İnci GS Yuasa, we offer our employees a long-lasting, open to development and change, safe and family life working life. Together with our young, dynamic and growing organization and our employees who add energy to our energy, we are taking firm steps towards our vision of being the most trusted energy storage company for our customers, colleagues, business partners, suppliers and environment.

Recruitment Process

While maintaining our successful financial and operational performance, we continue to benefit society by increasing our employment opportunities with our new investments and growing organization.

In İnci GS Yuasa, many internal and external sources (job search sites, consultancy firms, social media, in-company internship programs, Vocational Courses, Pearls of Universities, Young We use Pearls programs, etc.).

In our recruitment process, we work to select and place the right candidate so that our candidates can contribute to their personal and professional development, while they take part in the most appropriate position to contribute to the company's performance. We use general aptitude tests with

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Education Process

İnci GS Yuasa attaches great importance to lifelong learning and we continuously invest in human resources. We help our employees get to know their knowledge and skills, and we identify their development needs in performance evaluation interviews that employees hold with their managers. We support our employees to improve their areas of development through both technical and personal development training programs.

While preparing our development plans, we also use different development tools such as the e-learning portal, 6 Sigma project groups, summit, fair, conference participation, coaching meetings, the library established within the company, and book summaries shared on the intranet every month, as well as in-class trainings. integrate it into the process.

Performance Management

At İnci GS Yuasa, career opportunities meet at the intersection of our organizational needs and employee expectations.

As a result of performance evaluations, where our employees have the opportunity to review their goals and competencies with their managers, they determine their personal goals by taking into account our company and department goals, and after these determined goals, they define and manage their career development plans in coordination with their managers.

As İnci GS Yuasa, we take care to benefit from our internal resources and to train our managers from within in the realization of our company goals. In this context, while using a wide variety of training and development tools for our employees in our "Leadership Academy" program, which we designed, we aim to increase the social competencies and individual performances of our employees on the one hand, and the company performance as an extension of individual performance on the other.


We have prepared our Company Culture Guide with a participatory culture to identify our values that make us who we are. “Positive Approach” is one of our most important values in our company culture. We adopt and apply a positive approach to make our work enjoyable, to work with passion, to connect to our work and to each other, to become more aware of our strengths and to focus on our strengths, to be constructive in our work and to come out of difficulties stronger.

With the suggestion system that has been used in our company since 2009 and has become a part of our corporate culture, we carefully evaluate the suggestions of our employees and implement the applicable suggestions to improve our processes. Our employees earn points within the scope of our suggestion system for monthly or annual activities and projects, as well as for activities they perform individually or as a team, and are rewarded with gifts of their own choosing.

We organize activities, workshops, sports and cultural activities for the common areas of our employees through the "Amusement Club at İŞ" that we have established within our company, and we aim to add value to our environment while reinforcing friendships in the workplace with our corporate social responsibility organizations.

We subject our employees' work that adds value to the departments, the company and İnci Holding, in which they work or are involved in business processes, in our recognition and appreciation process in various ways. If they complete a certain period of service, we are with them with various awards on their special days such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries.