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İNCİ Holding

İnci Holding

The foundation of İnci Holding was laid in 1952 with İNCİTAŞ, the first company of Cevdet İnci. Cevdet İNCİ; With his hard work, passion for work and determination, he laid the foundations of wheel production, which was unimaginable in those years, in 1968. He started to work in Jant Sanayi Adi Komandit Company, his first partnership, by producing rim hubs with large presses.

He produced the first wheels by pressing the hubs on the wheel pulleys imported from Germany. By the middle of 1968, the company was able to manufacture both the rim and the hub.

With the project developed by Cevdet İNCİ, the roller machine used in the production of wheel rims was made in his own workshop. Cevdet İNCİ, overcoming all the difficulties he faced during this period, continued his working life as a manufacturer, which he started with the trade of tires and automotive spare parts.

With the healthy growth of production, JANTAS, one of the first building blocks of the wheel industry, was born. JANTAS received its first patent in 1979. With the achieved quality standards and continuous growth trend, export activities were started in the same year. The successful performance of JANTAS gained momentum with the establishment of CIDAS and enabled JANTAS to integrate with the world. In this context, cooperation was established in 1992 with the German Lemmerz Group, one of the important representatives of the sector in the world. This harmonious cooperation led to the establishment of LEMMERZ İNCİ JANT SANAYİ A.Ş. as a "joint venture" in 1993.

With the acquisition of European leader Lemmerz by Hayes, the world leader in wheel production, in 1997, Turkey has become one of the centers of quality wheel production in the world.

The success achieved in wheel production encouraged the group to make an investment decision in the production of accumulators, which it sees as a development area. The name "İNCİ", which is a moral value that the family attaches great importance to, was deemed appropriate for the battery to be produced. This battery, bearing the name İnci, which will transfer Cevdet İnci's successful entrepreneurship story to future generations, has begun to be produced to represent world-class quality.

For this purpose, the first factory, which was established in the Manisa Organized Industrial Zone in 1984, was equipped with the advanced technologies of the day by signing a "know-how" agreement with Baren in 1985. İNCİ AKÜ, which produces with the vision of becoming a world brand; In 1993, it took its first steps towards globalization by partnering with Ceac, Europe's largest institution in the sector. In 1995, with the acquisition of Ceac by Exide, the world leader in battery production, İNCİ AKÜ gained its place in the world market. Incorporating its advanced technology knowledge, İnci Akü continued on its way as an investment of İnci Holding between 2005-2015. The company, which established the first R&D center in the battery sector in 2009, received the first TURQUALITY certificate in its sector in 2010. In 2015, the world-famous global battery giant partnered with Japanese GS YUASA and continues on its way as İNCİ GS YUASA.

The industrial activities of İnci Holding, which was established with 100% Turkish capital and carried out with the prİNCİple of giving to the society what it received from the society, is an exemplary success story parallel to the development of the Turkish economy.

On the way that it started with the claim of producing automotive spare parts 67 years ago, İNCİ HOLDİNG operates in the logistics and hotel equipment sectors, mainly in the automotive supply industry, with its 2,800 employees and 9 companies.

İnci Group exports 65 percent of its products to more than 100 countries. İnci Holding, a family company managed with corporate governance principles, continues its development with its contributions to the Turkish economy. It continues to contribute to our country and the world with the added value it has created, growing by an average of 17% every year in the last 10 years.