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    Each vehicle has a different energy requirement. Depending on the segmentation, some vehicles need more electricity than normal, thanks to the technology it contains. In addition, the fact that the vehicles are in different classes such as heavy vehicles and light commercial vehicles necessitates the design of batteries with different power and characteristics for all of them. With its experience and expertise in its field, it produces the battery required for every vehicle. You can choose the most suitable battery for your vehicle among the batteries designed by considering the class of the vehicle you are using, the purpose of use in the class, and the requirements of the technological equipment it has.
  • Battery Selection for Your Vehicle
    EAS produces batteries that will meet the required performance for different vehicles in different classes or in the same class. Finding the battery your vehicle needs is quite easy. It is possible for vehicle owners to easily choose to benefit from the technology in EAS battery production. We help you find the right battery for your vehicle. First of all, you need to choose the class of your vehicle and search accordingly. After determining the class, you need to select the year, brand, model main group and model subgroup of your vehicle in order to choose the most suitable battery for your vehicle. In line with the choices you will make, you can see the most ideal battery options for you.

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