• NanoGoldAge

    NanoGoldAge has been specially designed for top segment and standard start-stop vehicles. In addition to its reinforced high-quality plates, it provides maintenance free extra long-life and extra performance even for new generation vehicles with high electricity consumption thanks to its special paste formula with Nano Crystal Technology.

    What is Start-Stop Technology?

    Start-Stop system automatically shuts down the engine while your vehicle is idle during heavy traffic or at traffic lights, and then restarts the engine when the driver engages the clutch, thus helping to prevent loss of energy.
The feature of Start-stop is now added to NanoGoldage, the highest segment product of EAS. Thanks to this new function, NanoGoldage is now be used by the standard Start-Stop vehicles as well.
  • Special terminal covers and user friendly handle
  • Totally sealed double-lid Patented design which meets most challenging leak-proof requirements and passed 180º roll-over test.
  • Charge level indicator on the lid
  • Flame arresters inside the lid
  • Special labyrinth plugs
  • %30 more starting power than the standard batteries
  • 2 times more cycle time than that of standard lead-acid batteries
  • More safe with flame arresters
  • Ready to use, fully maintenance-free
  • Passenger Cars Passenger Cars
  • Light Commercial Vehicles Light Commercial Vehicles
  • Standard Start - Stop Vehicles Standard Start - Stop Vehicles
Short CodeCapacity c20 ahCCA(en)Layout/TerminalH.Down LengthxWidthxHeight (mm)Max Weight
L1 050 052 013505200/1B13207X175X19014.40
LB2 060 060 013606000/1B13242X175X17515.30
L2 060 062 013606200/1B13242X175X19016.10
LB3 065 065 013656500/1B13278X175X17518.00
L3 072 076 013727600/1B13278X175X19020.00
L3 072 076 011727600/1B01 278X175X19020.00
LB4 080 076 013807600/1B13315X175X17521.00
L5 090 086 013908600/1B13353X175X19023.60
L5 100 096 0131009600/1B13353X175X19025.10
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